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Ben, Hazel, and Elliots mental states will be put to the test when Neon, a lethal drug, surfaces in their hometown, Quellsten. 'The Streak' is a graphic novel dealing with the negative effects of suppressed emotions in teenagers and young adults. Research states that women have higher rates of depression whilst men have higher rates of suicide. Womens suppression of anger due to society deeming it a masculine emotion and mens inability to be emotionally vulnerable could be the cause of such statistics. Unfortunately these stats are only going up, showing that current efforts of addressing the issue aren't working. This is where 'The Streak' comes in. Current box office figures prove that superhero stories have the highest reach of any narrative form right now. Hence why 'The Streak' utilizes that superhero narrative to explore the negative effects of suppressed emotions in teenagers. 

Music Used:

Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite - Micheal Giacchino

Academic Decommitment - Micheal Giacchino

Escape from the City Instrumental - Crush 40 

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